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before it's too late...

The global online gambling industry is worth a staggering $85 Billion a year. The emergence of this industry has sparked a global epidemic of addictive behaviour. Every sporting event is overshadowed by gambling advertisements, app stores are littered with gambling programmes and the web is flooded with over 1.2 million global gambling sites. In 2015 following extensive research & feedback from gambling addicts worldwide BetPrevent was formed in an effort to stand up to the world domination of gambling companies. Betprevent is currently the worlds #1st and only online gambling prevention application to help gambler regain control. The app has been specially designed to offer the complete support package to give you the best possible chance to kick your habit. The app which is now available on both Android & IOS has the following unique features.

*Blocking function which quite literally eliminates the possibility of your phone or device accessing gambling sites.

*Hypnosis – Subscribers can benefit from a bespoke professionally recorded anti-gambling hypnotherapy support 5-day programme uniquely recorded for BetPrevent customers.

*Gambling Analysis – Enables the user to understand, log & monitor their own gambling habits. The app then cleverly risk assesses the user identifying if HIGH, MED, or LOW risk. This will then track daily progress, offer encouragement and monitor amount saved by using the Betprevent.

*User Alerts – This unique function is a safeguard method designed to protect the user from losing control. The user will select up to 3 contacts who will be alerted when attempts to delete the application are made & contact if attempts are made to access gambling sites – Genius!

*Confession wall - Sometimes we just need to get things on our chest. The confession wall is the place to go to let it all out. If you want to share your experience, gain a little support from others or simply have a rant (please keep it clean) The confession wall offers the ideal solution.

*The Rescue button - As a gambler sometimes you just need something tangible to take your mind to a different place. Us humans are creatures of habit, using proven physiological techniques the rescue button is designed to be something which you press whenever you are simply feeling the urge to gamble. It may just be a simple vibrating notion but that can be all it takes to trigger a physical reminder to your brain that gambling is not the way forward. Takes a little time to get used to but this can be extremely effective if used over a period.

This application is designed as a tool to help. Betprevent do not claim to be a definitive solution to stop gambling. This is a support function and built to assist in your quest to stop or reduce gambling. Included in the application are links to professional support agencies. If you are feeling in despair, please do not suffer alone. Help is readily available call the professionals or consult your GP. The Samaritans, gamblers anonymous are an excellent place to start your long-term recovery. Remember if in an emergency or feeling suicidal please contact 999 or 911.